Actions louder than words?



I watched several broadcasts on Sunday both in sorrow and celebration of 9/11.  To listen to the stories of survivors gave me an unnerving thankfulness for all that I’ve been blessed with.  While I’ve experienced tragedy, I truly couldn’t imagine the strength of some that have been able to carry forward.  It was their stories along with their actions that truly inspired.

In a different way, I continue to be appalled by actions that have no words.  I do believe in the freedom of speech and totally agree that parts of our country are at odds and even war in some areas.  However, I cannot fathom the actions by some players in the sports field.  Disrespecting our military and others and painfully seeing them do so for those lost and those left to carry on after 9/11 was heartbreaking.

Instead of acting in a united way, all I see is you silently disrespecting.  I’m sure I don’t know the full extent of the work these players are doing.  Perhaps many of them are donating a great portion of their salaries to the cause or spending many volunteer hours with those in need as we heard from the survivors from 9/11.




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