Can gratitude make a difference?

I would imagine we have all been doing some level of reflection this week.  I am fortunate to live among vast farmlands and small communities.  We are in the final stages of harvest and watching the changes every day as I drive to and from work give me such a sense of gratitude.  It is amazing how hard the farmers work in quiet seclusion moving from acre to acre.  Sure some have better equipment than others, but no one can deny the enormous amount of work it takes to harvest thousands of acres in a short period before the weather changes to cold and snow. It is darker now when I travel home, but I still see the tractor lights out in the fields or passing me by on the road.  Sometimes I have to follow slowly behind a huge tractor because of our narrow road, but I never get impatient as they are part of the core of our survival.

Image result for farmers harvesting at sunset

As the fields get cleared, the geese and cranes move in eating away to prepare for the long journey ahead for their winter retreat.  Another gift from our farmers. The grace in which the birds fly and land makes me pause and take it all in.  I like pauses; it allows gratitude to come forward and fills me with a desire to be a kinder and better person.



My gratitude today is dedicated to all of the farmers of the world – bless you!


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